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Introducing the Horse Homeopathy Emergency Kit

The Horse Homeopathy Emergency Kit is designed to provide a safe and effective complementary approach to accidents, injuries and acute conditions commonly seen in horses. In addition, the kit includes Arnica 1M, the remedy shown to be most useful in alleviating rider injury, trauma and bruising after a fall.

The HorseHomeopathy Emergency Kit contains ten of the finest high potency professional quality homeopathic remedies manufactured by Hahnemann Labs. These remedies cannot be purchased in a store. Each kit comes in a water-resistant case and includes a detailed instruction booklet. Additional information and support is available throughout this website.

Karen Cohen, D.C., CCH is a classically trained homeopath with 17 years of clinical experience treating humans and animals. The information in the kit and on the website is the result of extensive experience and research, including a detailed study of the writings of homeopathic veterinarians at the turn of the century, when most households depended daily on horses for work and transportation.

The HorseHomeopathy kit can treat the average horse for one to three years.
The HorseHomeopathy kit can safely be used for the following conditions:

FIRST REMEDY in accidents and injuries ARNICA 1M for horse and rider

Accidents, Injuries, Trauma

Arnica, Aconite

Fright, panic



Arsenicum, Aconite, Nux vomica


Hepar sulphuricus


Arnica, hypericum, Hepar

Injuries: nerves, spine or dock


Tendon or Ligament injury

Arnica,Ruta, Rhus toxicodendron

Joint swelling

Rhus toxicodendron, Ruta


Rhus toxicodendron


Ruta graveolens

Sprains, Splints

Arnica,Ruta, Rhus toxicodendron


Arnica, Ruta graveolens




Arsenicum, Colocynthus, Nux vomica

Indigestion, no appetite

Arsenicum, Colocynthus, Nux vomica

G.I Ulcers

Arsenicum, Nux vomica, Aconite



Effects of Vaccinations


Scratches, rain-rot, fungus


Recently an experienced horsewoman brought her warmblood gelding to our barn for a lesson with a prominent clinician. Her horse had a traumatic mishap involving a murderous bucket with a metal handle that somehow managed to attach itself to the poor animal’s leg. The horse emerged from the stall wild-eyed, sweating and bruised. One dose of Arnica 1M brought immediate calm, a softened eye, soundness and a confident horse who was able to enter the arena after 20 minutes. The owner’s remark after witnessing her horse’s response to the remedy:

“There should be one in every barn
and one in every trailer”